Within a Mile of Home is a fantasy webcomic created by Cei and Rx3.  It focuses on a young goblin named Jinjo who falls off the edge of his known world.  He is later saved by an elf alchemist named Frim, who is his only help in this strange place that shouldn’t be.


The comic started on September 13th, 2011. Updates are currently once a week.


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{About the Creators}


Cei The Art Dude

Makes the image magics happen. Tools are Adobe Photoshop CS5 and a Monoprice Monitor.

He is constantly busy sharpening his tablet pen.

Sketch Blog



Rx3The Writing One

Infamous for an admiration of robots and gnawing. Has been advised not mix the two together.

Often equipped with scraps of scribbled paper.

SketchblogMain Site




Q:  So who does what?
A: Cei draws the comic pages and all related art. Rx3 writes the script and descriptions. The comic is a collaborative effort, with ideas, concepts and characters created by the both people.


Q: What are your materials?
A: Cei uses a Monoprice Monitor in Adobe Photoshop CS5 with some effects in Manga Studio 5. Rx3  types up the comic in OpenOffice.


Q: I’d like to link the comic. Any banners?
A: Absolutely!

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We also have more banner options if needed!


Q: Do you have a twitter?
A: Yes! We’re located at Wamoh_comic

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Q: What kind of fantasy is this comic?
A: WaMoH’s setting is high-fantasy. You can expect a hefty and casual use of magic and a lot of various fantasy species.


Q: Your(x) is very different than the one I know of.
A: Plenty of elements from WaMoH are inspired by various fantasy settings. We aim for these concepts, no matter how referential, to be explained within the story itself. The comic follows it’s own cosmology, universe and rules. Overall, we just hope you enjoy our story!


Q: I’d like to support the comic. What can I do?
A: Check out our support page! A link, blogpost or donation is always greatly appreciated. Tweet, tumble, post; hearing what people enjoy really keeps our spirits up!


Q: Will there be more frequent updates in the future?
A: Currently we can only update one comic page a week. We hope to change this eventually. The more interest we see in the comic, the more likely we’ll aim for additional updates.


Q: What’s with all the delays to some updates?

A: When we first started the comic, we both had jobs with the same schedule that allowed us to keep consistent updates. That time has changed, we’ve literally moved and gained new jobs which are less understanding.

As it stands, our current have really erratic schedules that often change last minute and really flub with our plans. We’ve tried changing our update scheds and various other things with not so great results. So, for now, the only thing we can do is notify when there will be an update delay (you can check on page status via our twitter feed). We’re really sorry about this! We’re always going to aim for an update though and try to get a page out when we can!


Q: I found an error/problem with the site.
A: Throw us an email! We can be contacted at wamohcomic at gee mail dot com.


Q: What’s the “tumblr edits”?

A: For the updates on tumblr, we edit a frame from the comic and add some sort of pun or spin to it. You can see these edits in this gallery or on our tumblr page.


Q: Merch?

A: We’re working on that, but soon! Soon!